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Ways Small Businesses Can Improve Communication in their Business Environment

Communication is the key foundation of almost everything in life. Without effective communication, it is easy for misunderstandings, problems and conflicts to occur with your employees, clients, and everyone else you make contact with. Poor communication makes the working environment frustrating which might result in employees turning over the business.


As a small business owner, there are tips that can help you reduce stress, save time and become more productive by communicating effectively with your interactions every day. Small business owners are busy, from logistics to marketing therefore you might not be focused on communication and how important that is for running a successful small business.

1. Limit distractions and listen

Most people are not that keen to listen to people attentively, there is always someone or some issues distracting the conversation. Take the time to focus on the person in front of you. You probably have several important issues to deal with that are on your mind. However, you can use this time to not think about them. To avoid distractions, you can switch your phone off, close your office door and focus on the body posture or language also shows whether you are attentive or not.

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2. Ask the right questions

To get the information you need to understand someone, you will have to be able to ask the right questions while presenting an open mind. Relax your body and listen for opportunities to ask questions. More often, there are clues given by people that should alert you to the questions you should ask. Listen for keywords and phrases to help you figure out which questions will bring up the information you need. The right questions help a lot in improving the communication relationship at the workplace, especially when speaking to your employees.


3. Be open about important business issues

Keeping your employees clueless on the vital issues that concern your business may not be healthy for communication purposes. Always make sure to inform your staff on the key issues that impact your business may it be positive or negative. The more you give them the information, the easier for them to help find solutions and help in the success of the business. Lack of information results in many conflicts on what is to be done and what weight it puts on the business. This also helps save time on work to be done according to how vital it is to the business.

4. Be responsive

Communication is one of the best ways to resolve conflicts and disputes. As a small business owner, the worst thing you can do at your workplace is ignore issues being passed to you to listen. There should be a response issued immediately even if it is in a brief statement .when both your clients and employees reach out to you with their issues and are responded to, you will be more likely to keep them happy to work and be served by your business.

5. Combine communication methods

The most common communication method that clears conflicts and confusion is face-to-face or voice-to-voice communication. If your business uses emails, it is always better to second the information with a phone call to check if you are on the right track with your client. After meetings, you can always make short explainable videos or presentations to further explain what has been discussed, what steps are to be taken, and who is responsible for what task. This reduces communication barriers at the workplace.

6. Always use the feedback you get constructively

You will always receive feedback from the clients and employees you communicate with overtime to time. Listen to everyone you communicate with, you will get useful information to use in your business activities. To make positive communication changes, use the feedback to improve your processes.

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Effective communication can be one way you use it in your business. To fine-tune your skills, take time to analyze how you communicate then try to focus on how to improve over time.

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