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Ways in which the legal office is changing in 2021


Law firms just like other professional firms appreciate the fact Covid-19 has evolved everything in the workplace and therefore, there’s a need to rethink and devise ways necessary to survive in the new legal market. As a result, many legal office layouts do not look like they used to look before and even their mode of service delivery has changed entirely. In this article, we to look at five ways in which the legal offices are changing and ways in which law firm leadership can strategize to succeed.



Legal firms are adopting short-term changes such as re-planning and re-organizing the appearance of their office layouts in terms of setting up of furniture and sitting arrangement.  Legal offices are complying with this, following a directive which was issued by the World Health Organization on social distancing as a mechanism to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. This move has not only reduced the number of physically available employees in the offices but also the number of clients in legal offices.

In addition, legal offices are practicing their profession away from the confinement of their offices. Some are practicing legal practices at home, meeting via Video Conferencing and others out of the organization compound. Legal firms are ensuring that their employees and clients are provided with the necessary resources required to address legal matters in the most convenient places.

Determining the real goals for the firm success is another way in which legal offices are changing into. Legal offices are not just attending to legal issues blindly but they draft a list of preferences to determine what should come first and what to be postponed. In doing so, they devise ways to ensure that they not only acquire new clients but also retain and maintain a long and lasting relationship. Besides, legal offices are navigating ways necessary to maintain relevance in the new legal market.

Client and employee engagement have also increased at an unprecedented rate. This is mainly to maintain the relationship and contact as they are working remotely. It is also meant to maintain the established brand loyalty and organizational values of the firm. Through videoconferencing such as zoom, legal advisors have managed to serve their clients at the comfort of their home.  This has impacted a sense of belonging and a seamless positive experience to both clients and other employees.

The new legal market is like a battle ground and only the strong will survive the challenge. In this context, legal firms are now thinking outside the box. They are thinking how they will survive and in doing so they are finding ways that will help them to protect their brand loyalty. This is only possible if the legal firm consists of creative thinkers who are able to devise new ways to fight the challenges imposed by the global pandemic.

At CrystalPerk, we hold the view that business leaders should always be flexible and adaptive to change. That way you will have ample strategies for navigating critical issues, solving them, and still making a great stride. For this kind of story, contact us through 0734 410 460 or subscribe to our weekly paper available here.

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