Lavosti – Kenyan Reggae Sensation

‘The Spotlight’ Ep. 6 —Lavosti – Kenyan Reggae Sensation

‘The Spotlight’ Ep. 6 —Lavosti – Kenyan Reggae Sensation

On The Spotlight this 6th Episode, African Herbsman interviews with Lavosti in Diani to discuss his beginnings in music and his plans for 2020.

On today’s show, we cover: Lavosti, Kenyan Reggae Sensation – Ruzira S Makula

Lavosti is achieving higher heights with his music in the industry with tones of the Caribean, East Coast of the US and the main sounds of East African hype. He is an entertainer with talented story telling which is consistent to his devotion to Rastafari and reggae music. Also known as Ruzira S. Makula, he learnt his tunes from his home church in the City of Mombasa, based in Barsheba in Kisauni. “My mum used to tell me that when I was in the womb, anytime music would start playing in church, I would kick and move”, Lavosti told African Herbsman.

His musical journey is as interesting as his tunes, making him a favorite in many festivals in the country, Europe and South Africa.

Tune it to Lavosti – in this episode’s The Spotlight

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