Siggol Logistics Celebrates 12 year Anniversary Amid Pomp and Jubilation

It was a moment of pomp and jubilation at a Kilifi hotel in Mtwapa, for the Siggol logistics team who came ready to celebrate in style.

The freight forwarding company which is celebrating 12 years of market performance since it’s introduction to the market, held an interactive team building retreat where they engaged in training, games, and cutting their golden age cake.

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According to Siggol logistics General Manager,  Mr. Enoch Kiyuka who was present in the event,the main aim of the retreat was to allow the employees engage and champion more market breakthroughs for the company.

We are going to break the International Freight forwarding Market; Siggol Logistics

“It has taken us time to grow, and such kind of retreats enable us come together enabling us pursue our main goal together as a team,” noted Mr. Enoch.

Siggol logistics, has been engaging in many activities surrounding freight forwarding. The company which boasts of great connectivity in the East Africa, specifically six countries ( Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi and South Sudan ),now eyes the world logistics market.

The team was convinced of achieving such a huge milestone since they had approval of such breakthroughs before. According to one of them John Moi, an office assistant in the company, Siggol logistics was on it’s peak and has achieved a lot since he joined almost two years ago.

“Siggol logistics deserves a day like this; it’s not by fate but by the success of the building structures guiding the performance of it in the market,” said Mr. Moi.

In a competitive market where most business are facing huge breakdowns in perfomance and closure due to the taxation imposed by the government and also recessions, the Siggol Logistics began their team building by a quality business training presentation from the CrystalPerk Management Consultancy.

The training which lasted almost two hours, included the steps for business growth, how to support Micro Small and medium sized enterprises, the main methods of maintaining stability in business, effective communication, and good phone etiquette among others. This was in line with the main agendas of the team.

Speaking in the event the Chief Executive Officer of CrystalPerk Madam Hannah Adari, urged the team to embrace the current economy citing several loops that as a company, Siggol logistics has to abide to.

“We are at an age where MSMEs are growing at a rapid rate. There are no shortcuts to reaching the top, you must abide to every step of economic growth as a company,” said Madam Hannah.

CrystalPerk team later led the team into a bonding session where they engaged in mind and outdoor games that challenged them into reality. It was an atmosphere of smiles and pure joy from their faces.

Cheers and bountiful jubilation, greeted the face of the twelve year anniversary Siggol logistics team cake. It was moment, relaxed and of fun as it now ushered in a new era of Service in the freight forwarding industry.

As a new dawn for the whole team they shared the cake among themselves and some of their friends who had accompanied them to see the event successful and phenomenal. The retreat ended with a promise future prosperity and advancement of their reach to other outside continents for the company from the whole team.

Mombasa, Kenya.

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