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Quality vs. Quantity; What Marketers Need to Know Before the Year Ends

Content is the heart of what marketers do. It is the key to communicating with customers, clients, prospects, and audiences in whatever form or medium is chosen. When done right, content marketing strategy builds a stronger relationship with the audience, captures their attention, increases engagement, and improves brand recall. However, like every other marketing channel, there are a number of different ways to do content marketing, and depending on which industry you look to, there are different advice.

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Marketers in most cases struggle with knowing how much content to create, creating content that keeps your brand updated and your customers informed is overwhelming. In this article, we focus on the benefits of both quality content and quantity content which are essential for a content marketing strategy.


1. Quantity content

For many, this is obvious. More content equals more traffic

High-volume content results in more traffic coming to your website because there is more to catch readers’ attention. They focus on SEO tactics and look to influence strategies that will push your content pages higher on the list of search engine results. However, what businesses need in order to grow is not more traffic, it’s new customers. It’s important to drive traffic, but you need to drive the right traffic.

The quantity-based approach means more reach. It is essentially casting a wider network. Quantity means you will receive a better return on your investments (ROI) on advertisements if you have more pages on which they are displayed. A study by McKinsey & Company revealed content consistency to be the key to making customers happy across their entire journey with your business.

Consistent Content Establishes Authority

Consistency is one of the ways to set your business apart from the competition as the regularity of content directly influences your business’ credibility. The more consistent your content, the more legitimate your business seems. Consistency also helps brands establish themselves as an industry thought leaders.

Consistent Content Builds Brand Awareness

One-way communication is no longer as successful and brands have to adapt to a more individual communications approach with their audience. This is often done on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, where businesses are creating a range of content to share. Blogs, videos are all excellent for adding value to social media audiences, who are likely to share across their network to expand the reach and build brand awareness.


2. Quality content

Quality Content Creates Value

With the amount of content that is shared online, getting customers to engage with yours can be difficult. Readers are more likely to notice, read and share your content if it provides value to them. The key is to work out what your customers want and ensure you’re delivering. It should answer the common questions that your audience has and provide them with information that they find useful.

Quality Content Generates Sales

Approximately 77% of consumers read content online before they make a purchase. They must trust your business before they buy and trust can be built through using your content to establish your business as a thought leader. This can be done through publishing product-specific content such as product reviews, and instructional videos that reassure potential customers and encourage them to buy. In addition, providing your target audience with valuable content can be a reason for them to return.

Quality content allows re-purposing

Content repurposing refers to taking a killer piece of high-quality content and reusing it to produce additional content around the same message. Producing high-quality content allows you to make that content available in a variety of formats and through multiple marketing channels. You cannot repurpose a low-quality content piece, because there are not enough details in the content to support repurposing. For example, if you write a great eBook that generates lots of engagement, you can use that fact and convert that eBook into various other pieces of content for example podcasts, social media posts, and even infographics.

Quality content drives better customer experience

The customer experience is the driver of consumers’ purchasing decisions. If you do not focus on delivering a world-class customer experience, your customers are likely to leave you for a company that does.

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If you deliver high-quality content that solves real problems for your target market and keeps them educated on emerging trends, you are delivering a great customer experience. This will generate brand loyalty.

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