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Pay attention. Eyes forward, ears open. You’ve heard those things before in your life, and now you say them to yourself, your kids and your employees. But do they hear what you say now… or, as in the new series Note to Self, collected and introduced by CrystalPerk, will your words ring back in the future?

The Kenyan business landscape is changing fast, the old guards are gone or going and the new ones are taking hold of the helm of business. Many business moguls are leaving the space for their younger children to take over – which in most cases leaves a messy hand off process but will the younger generation listen up this time round? What would you – a business owner tell your younger self on matters of business, life, finances, taxes, entrepreneurship and such? In this series we pick up the very best  of Mombasa and get their views of what would it be like if they advised their own selves or their younger selves. The space to take over is wide and open and this series is just the right gel to make the magic happen.



Beginning with Kush Manek, Harold Otieno, Faiza Ayub and Zaheed Dewji,  there are words of comfort for a young woman who was building without knowing the end how it would like, getting the courage to stand when no one is supporting, diving into the deep end of business and choosing to learn from failure even when it hurts.

It is said that the younger generation only learn from the internet, and worse still, the internet is a sea full of unknowns, the series is here to gear the younger generation to look up to local leaders – although not always famous, but always impactful in what they have done – and find the direction in what would be the utopia of a better tomorrow.

We are the leaders of tomorrow – was a slogan used way back and yes, the leadership is now in transformation.

Surround yourself with those you love. Hug often. Examine your mistakes. Have fun. And remember that people can be “meaner or crueler or wetter or prettier… but they can’t be more human than you.” The choice of the people around you will determine the kind of a person you will turn up to be.

If you could, would you become 18 years old again?

For most people, the answer is “yes,” but only if they can take their knowledge back with them. It’s a moot point, of course – you can’t, and you can’t – but “Note to Self” sets forth an intriguing exercise.

It also offers a chance for reflection on any good afternoon, too. There’s a good mix of inspiring, gracious and grateful tales inside this book, from those with stardom already in-pocket, to a few who may not be household names quite yet. Some of the tales are exactly what you’d expect, while others may surprise you with wisdom and reasoning.

Enjoy the series which is now available on our YouTube page.

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