New media Jobs in 2020

Just like the start of any other year, 2020 is proving to be a year of many firsts. Job cuts, against new opportunities coming along for new business entrants. Every new year sees many companies across industries undergo restructuring – some lay offs, and some new job opportunities. The end of 2019 was bittersweet for many individuals in Kenya.  Over the years, owing to the rapid pace of  the tech changes in 2010s , the frequency of such restructuring processes has only but increased. Automation, globalisation of the commerce space, the changing consumer demands and preferences and shift in business models have urged many companies to let go of several employees as resort for them to keep buoyant. But is it just us (in Africa)? You will also agree that with this new year, these job cuts seemed to be quite a trend across industries?

Unfortunately, the media unlike many others has not been left behind in this job cuts. Last Christmas saw the end of formal employment for many as reported in many local dailies which The side effects of such job losses creates tensions in the communities and lack of faith in the nation’s systems to care for its populations. How about when SMEs pull up efforts and start creating employment? Innovations are known to come largely from SMEs than it is from larger corporations, at least we can expect to see a brighter 2020s with the rise and rise of smaller business.

As an example Crystal Perk, a media company in Mombasa is already collaborating with SMEs to offer media solutions for the wider region. The jobs posted on their social pages are testament that indeed there is still a future in the media industry in the region.

We hope that more media companies offer the youth opportunities in the coming days.


Hopefully, the tremors of slow economic growth may still be felt, but it is also important for businesses and individuals hoarding up cash – for the rainy day – to release this liquidity into the market. Kudos to Crystal Perk and many more.

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