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Music at work: It has been scientifically observed that certain types of music, are better for productivity.

The other day a colleague at work started playing music on his speakers. A lot of us loved the concept of working with background music on, but others weren’t huge fans and began to complain. It made me wonder what people in general think of background music at work or in a coworking space, and I decided to read up and find out.

There is an increasing sensitivity towards workers who prefer to listen to music in the workplace for a growing number of large corporations in the country. What was previously viewed as a distraction and disappointment to superiors has now gravitated towards easing the burden of mental illness, stress and even boredom. As the year productivity goals are being set, the use of office music is soon to become a norm.. Employees who previously received backlash for listening to music while on the job finally have some credibility. In 2018, a review by, showed that when Accountemps, a division of global staffing firm Robert Half, conducted a survey consisting of 1,000 workers in office environments, 85% of participants prefer to bump tunes at work rather than listen to nothing. Further, eight out of 10 total survey respondents said they enjoy it, and 71 percent said it makes them more productive.

Meanwhile, employers themselves aren’t necessarily tone-deaf to these potential benefits. For instance, government offices, just like banks have continuously opted to have piped music via the local stations or simply some favorite playback tunes

Music is now all around us, and to add to this advantage, there are a number of podcasts that give you a sense of focus in the workplace while giving you the best of entertainment. Mombasa Magazine’s ‘The Spotlight’ is one such show. A number of studies demonstrate that listening to music releases dopamine into the brain.

Dopamine comes from the reward area of the brain.  It’s a “feel good” chemical that is triggered when you smell a pleasing aroma, when you’re in love, when you eat a delicacy, or when you look at something appealing.  Many would suggest that employees who feel they are being “rewarded” while working, will often do better work.

Some employees turn on music when they find themselves losing focus.  Music helps these individuals to stay in the present moment. Others find music helps them to drown out distractions.  Perhaps the office is too noisy for them to concentrate.  Perhaps it’s too quiet!  Either way, employees engaged in repetitive tasks often feel more awake and focused with music in their ears.

The Mombasa Magazine podcasts are a sure bet that your productivity will be improved, and you will have the best of both worlds (work life and entertainment). Whether it is a Friday #TGIF or not this soothing music should be your everyday dose of office music. Upbeat, Instrumental Or Relaxing Music for Work Productivity?


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