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Mombasa Magazine Weekly 4 – Get it Now!!!

What a successful Women’s Day it was this past month. in this weeks edition, we focus on women and youth in the lens of the changing Mombasa landscape and the opportunities emerging. In this edition, we focus on few but strong 5 tips that a young chef in Mombasa is using to guide him through the opportunities within the culinary space. Young Chef Adil is widely known in the Majengo area of Mombasa, via his place of practice at Liwaza Lounge.

Also, we are glad that our   CEO was called upon to moderate on the IWD – Based launch of a Women Foundation in Mombasa. The guest of honor being Hon. Suleiman Shahbal.  During this event, Our CEO got the opportunity to discuss matters of leadership and the engagement of Women and the Youth at the coast.  The moderation was well received, and the video is currently hosted on our YouTube channel.

We have a number of job opportunities that the youth can also benefit from through the various agencies that are offering them.This week on our weekly magazine we focus on a home grown business that has built its name over time. We want our reader to get in touch with us to let us know of important life milestones, events that matter to their professional lives. This is the continuation of regular updates of the heartbeat of Mombasa through the lens of CrystalPerk Mombasa Magazine, the flagship magazine for the Best Management Consultancy in the region.

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