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Mombasa Magazine Podcast : The Spotlight


The rise of electronic communication enable us to share a holistic information for our readers throughout the world anytime. The podcasts and  news herein will be instantly transmitted around the globe. Here, we hope to engage with our fans, our readership into listener-ship that is without comparison to any in the country. Our authority depends on the quality and appearance, at least, of accuracy. “No event will any longer come to us without already being shot through with explanation”. “By now almost nothing that happens benefits storytelling.”In the debut episodes, African Herbsman – The Spotlight Show hosts discusses the success of International Artistes including Jidenna, Burna Boy, Kelissa among many others. This is a podcast you want to listen to as you connect to the African Diaspora, the rise of African music in the international entertainment space and lots of life skills.

Whether you’ve never listened to a podcast before or are just looking for your next obsession, the Spotlight, among many other programs in the Mombasa Magazine fraternity are  good ones to entertain you, edify you, or just help you understand the medium, business and cultures.

Mombasa Magazine Podcast with The Spotlight as its flagship program is available to the various podcast hosting channels which include


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