Love Spoils – Valentine’s Car Review

For this review, I chose to focus on mid-size sedans, since an SUV for a date is a recipe for small mishaps (just my personal view). With this I saw no other better candidate than the BMW 5-series (G30).
The BMW G30 is the 7th and current generation of the 5-series. Launched in 2017, this midsize vehicle is uber-luxurious and performance oriented.

It has a variety of engine options including a 2.0L 4 cylinder turbo petrol (530i) producing 252 hp and 350Nm torque ,a 3.0 L inline six turbo petrol (540i) producing 340hp and 450Nm torque,a 2.0L 4 cylinder turbo diesel (520d), producing 190hp and 400Nm torque and a 3.0L inline six turbo diesel (530d) producing 265hp and 620Nm torque.
These engines are well built and ready to perform with the slowest of them being the 520d with a 0-100km time of 7.6s which honestly is a heck faster than most cars. With this you’re guaranteed to impress that special someone with your skills (even if it’s the car itself).

The 5 series is well equipped with the latest in car tech. With various features such as lane departure warning, collision prevention and a stiff light body construction, you are sure of a safe ride with this car.
In addition to that, the G30 also comes with Dynamic safety, in that it will detect tiredness and lack of attention of the driver, as well as accident protection such that in the event of impact, seat belts are pre-tensioned, seats go upright and the car will brake automatically until it fully stops. Such tech is usually expected from a BMW.

Also, the xDrive system ,BMW’s all drive system ensures that power is distributed effectively across all wheels for traction on all surfaces as well as stability, especially in hard cornering situations. The car is fitted with a digital gauge cluster that is configurable. It also changes according to the driving mode.

The G30 sports various luxurious features in all parts. For the driver, the gesture control for instance, removes the need to look for buttons for various functions such as reducing the volume. This ensures maximum attention to the road at all times.
It offers apple car play for phone connectivity. A WiFi hot-spot for ten devices is also included, allowing you to get the latest in news and also kids in the back will take advantage of this on long trips. Heated seats and massage function is also included in the range, comparing to the e-class whose heated seats mostly come on the front only.
The G30 is roomier as compared to rivals. With an increase in head room and shoulder room than the previous 5 -series, you are assured of a very comfy ride to your date, or house, whichever. It’s also a lot quieter than its rivals, meaning you could have much needed heart-to-heart talks on the way.

Boot space is not a compromise for this car with ample amount of space for multiple suitcases (or shopping), this car is as practical as it can get. It also comes with a power tailgate as standard which can be operated from the key or simply by waving your foot below the rear bumper. The car also has a low boot lip for ease of lifting heavy loads .A downside however is that the boot floor has a weird shape making it hard for bulky loads.
Pricing starts at 4,800,000 Kenya shillings for the standard model. However, prices increase across the range with options.

1. Good amount of comfort.
2. Ample boot space.
3. Smooth power train.(engine + transmission)
4. Good handing.
5. Innovative design.
6. Refined interior.

1. Manual only comes in the 520d.
2. Not so good fuel economy.
3. The cockpit seems cluttered with so many  buttons.
4. A bit pricey, as well as high running costs.

The BMW G30 is a very good car for that Valentine’s date and overall use. However the price might need a lot of consideration before making this investment. With that, Happy Valentine’s folks!

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