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Kindergarten Science Fair on Climate Change

MOMBASA, 30 January 2020 – Aga Khan Nursery, Mombasa, holds a climate change themed Science Fair to raise awareness on the issues of Climate Change

How would you tell your kids about Climate Change? Aga Khan Nursery School Mombasa hosts their annual Science Fair. The event was hosted in collaboration with the school community in teaching the kids to use simple home products to test and learn fundamental lessons about their environment. This being an open event, welcome to the public runs regularly as an opportunity to engage with the school community and friends to encourage the continued support to environment friendly initiatives.

Climate change is a big topic right now, and you have probably heard kids asking you questions about it. With the many jargons and scientific explanations that do comes along, it is not so easy to explain it to your young kid. That doesn’t mean you keep silent. You will still need to empower your kids on the necessary ideals about climate change and how they can participate in reducing their carbon footprint, waste and improve their environment.

Preschool kids bear a lot of excitement when it comes to matters about the weather, science projects and experimentation, which is mostly new to them. It is in the tapping of these excitement that teaching about climate change will be easiest. Actually, by engaging in a question and answer forum, you will realize that their excitement has learning within it as they explore nature, when they see nature in its orderly state.

Enroll your kids in science fairs, science projects at home where they can investigate possible ways, however small that they too can engage in saving the planet. Some of these projects can be done at home, with friends or even at school.

in this age of mass media marketing and advertising, with your kids, you can forgo the over hyped consumerism and include them in recycling initiatives at home. Participate in up-cycling programs that can help to reduce trash or engage them in some home remedies that will help them make home products which are cheaper and healthier than to quickly or always run to the shops. Let your kids know that everyday actions affect people, plants and animals all over the world.

The Aga Khan Nursery Mombasa participated in a science fair themed ‘Climate Change – Wake up, Wise up!’ today which was all fun and learning. The excitement within the age groups clearly demonstrated that simple exercises can easily bring about life principles on Climate Change. Some of the projects included planting trees and crops to benefit the environment, while others included in their projects recycling initiatives. Some home remedies included the use Oral Re-hydration Solutions which included the use of table salt and sugar to aid in re-hydration, just in case there are no ORS tablets in the house. In the variety of test, the preschoolers were learning about nature and how it affects us in one way or another. As a champion through this event, more schools could adopt this climate change campaigns that will teach the kids in the future.

Let your kids know that everyday actions affect how life tomorrow will be. Encourage them to be cool and fun in science project, attend more fairs and do their best in keeping the Earth well.

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