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Keeping it Kenyan hosts Zameer Noorali – Master Projection Artist – Jays Pyrotechnics

Kenya’s coastline offers miles of dazzling white sand, fringed by palm trees and lapped by warm waters. With a wide selection of resorts from expansive all inclusive properties with plenty of facilities to more secluded retreats, there will be something to suit everyone.  Mombasa’s north coast is a bit livelier and closer to the Old Town, while the south coast around Diani boasts white sand beaches and turquoise waters with more secluded resorts on Galu Beach. For a while But this is about to change with the new direction that the Kenyan coast fraternity is pushing, this will include Fort Jesus Mombasa to create experiences that will attract tourists, beyond the sun and sand but towards evening events that will tantalise the taste buds of visitors in mombasa, the coast and beyond. The Fort Jesus Multimedia Show with Fireworks – The Enchanting Experience, it involves 3D Projection, Holograms, Lights, fireworks and more. This evening will recreate the history and heritage of Fort Jesus Mombasa, via full CGI that will take visitors to take a journey with the Mombasa Fort Jesus.

Keeping It Kenya: Zameer, why Mombasa and why now for this enchanting experience?

Zameer Noorali: If you travel around a number of coastal cities around the world in Seychelles, Dubai, Singapore and more, you will enjoy an evening that will remind you of the heritage of that city. We are bringing this to Fort Jesus and Old Town, to take time and build this culture for the locals and beyond. We want the residents to enjoy an evening beyond the restaurants, the clubs and such like. We also want people to come together, as individuals as families and enjoy a wonderful evening together. Mombasa has come a long way, and the various agencies and associations are putting their best foot forward to give culture and heritage a chance. In the past we have seen Old Town heavily deserted at night, which has been difficult for the residents and the local economy. We are in support of growing this economy alongside others, and we feel it is a good time to introduce the enchanting experience in Fort Jesus Mombasa.


Keeping It Kenya: Have you participated or done any of such before in other places in the world?

Zameer Noorali:  We have participated in most of the festivals in the country that have lights and fireworks in the country. An example of is the recent lighting of KICC in Nairobi during the Eliud Kipchoge world record feat last year. We held the festivals in the AFCON finals in Cairo. We are taking part in the Qatar world cup opening ceremonies. We will hold the first four minutes of of the Tokyo Olympics next year. Similarly, we have held the fireworks and lights festivals at Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the London Eye in Britain and many other places.


Keeping It Kenya: Since the pandemic, Mombasa economy has been going down, will that affect your show?

Zameer Noorali: The Enchanting Experience will support the local economy in many ways. We intend to have it for a long time going forward. It is a flagship project for us, and we believe it will support the locals, as it is estimated to generate 20 Billion in 10 years. With the shows, the lighting along Fort Jesus Mombasa we expect local vendors in curios, food, and many other industries will stimulate their businesses well in this period. The historical value of Fort Jesus Mombasa can only come from the locals, they own their story, they will help us in welcoming the locals, the visitors and tourists. This is a first for East Africa, and will give the locals sustainability beyond what is currently available.


Keeping It Kenya: Tell us about the ticketing.

Zameer Noorali: Tickets will be affordable at Ksh 1,500 per person and there will be special offers time and again for Mombasa residents. The event starts from 11/11 as in 11 of November, 2020. There will be exciting experiences in and around the Fort.  The vendors will sell beyond Kikois  but will have merchandise that reflect the Coast.


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