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Joe Biden it is – Electors confirm win

On Monday, the news of the confirmation of Joe Biden as the next US President was formalised as the Electoral College confirmed his victory over Donald Trump. This finally brings to a halt on the incumbent’s efforts to overturn the result of the 2020 election.

As a divisive contest, the election’s key electoral college met across the various states to confirm the win for the former Vice President. Biden appealed to the nation to “turn the page” after his push over the majority of 270 votes — and clearing the way for him to take office on January 20. This comes after the claims of November 3 election being marred by fraud.

The disputed elections were to be finalised by the 200-plus-year-old Electoral College procedure of which 55 were in favour of Biden and none opposed.

For an election result so razor sharp and emotions so high, it brought much attention to the Electoral college which is merely a formality in confirming the will of the people expressed at the polls.

California’s electors burst into applause as the presiding officer read out the tally of 55 in favour of Biden and none opposed — confirming Barack Obama’s former vice president as the nation’s 46th president.

With the news in place, it officially makes Trump a rare one-term president whose role was marred with controversy after another.

Until now, a majority of Republicans in Congress have either backed Trump’s claims or at least turned a blind eye, with many refusing to call Biden the president-elect. Social media had up to the announcement been awash with criticism, bigotry and fake news poured from either side of the divide to push for the political agenda. A lot of news institutions due to the bias reporting have given the world a picture of lack of confidence in their manner of reporting.

Meanwhile, many of Trump supporters, including members of far-right groups, protested in Washington at the weekend, brawling with counter-protesters, while in Georgia footage showed armed activists in camouflage parading at the state Capitol to support Trump’s claims. For such low levels of confidence in the election Republicans will have difficulty in embracing the president elect.

Trump has still maintained is Twitter claims citing “massive voter fraud”

The legal Electoral College vote, however, has now left the Trump train almost no place left to go.


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