Is this the next oil disaster?

For more than a year now, the FSO Nabarima, a vessel left in the coast off Venezuela which is carrying about 1.3 million bbls of oil, has sat mostly ignored as it slowly deteriorates into the sea. And the world is going crazy about it right now. Calls in the past week to address the impending disaster have grown increasingly frantic.

The vessel is listing badly and far from any good news. Pictures and the video at the bottom of this article recently emerged showing the FSO vessel , raising fears that it could spill its load into the gulf devastating the regional fishing industry and delicate ecosystems.

The Tanker vessel is as reported by the Fishermen and Friends of the Seas action group. sinking-with-60-million-gallons-of-oil.

The 2005 built massive tanker vessel which is anchored in the Gulf of Pariah and used to store oil is listing severely and can capsize. Press agency Reuters reported that Venezuelan state oil company (PDVSA) owned vessel has problems with valves. Venezuelan counterparts that the FSO Nabarima is now ‘temporarily stable’ Image Credits: Fishermen and Friends of the Sea – FFOS Towards the end of August, the ship’s crew had already reported these problems after flooding in the engine room.


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