Innovation by Preschoolers

Aga Khan Nursery School Mombasa, Hosts Innovation Day and Book Awards

In education, we spend a lot of time addressing the question:  What innovative technologies can children use to learn?

But what if we flip the question on its head?  Instead, what if we ask, “How can children learn to be innovators, not just users, of technology?  How could technology promote student curiosity and innovation?”

These are the questions that drive Aga Khan Nursery School Mombasa teachers and their headmistress who are noticing and learning ways for children to innovate by approaching technology as raw material.

“The way children play with crayons, paper or clay is the way we have them explore with technology,” explained the headmistress in a her assembly presentation with all parents well assembled team. “If you think about mathematics, we always want children to get into the depth of mathematics.  With technology, it has been the opposite. Almost all the uses of technology distance human beings from its form and function.  In this case in point, the children managed to use locally available recycled materials to make learning material for themselves, some toys and even technology materials to be shared by other.

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