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Importance of Customer survey to your Business.

Customer satisfaction is a key factor in retaining and building customers’ loyalty. They come to the company with certain expectations regarding the quality of the product or service, price and level of service. Its success, financial and overall growth depends on how well the company manages to meet the expectations of customers.  If you want to keep your customer base happy, you will need to ask for feedback and put it into practice. Customer survey data is an invaluable tool for making business decisions, better understanding customer pain points and achieving product or service innovation

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3 Types of Questions to Include in Your Survey

  • Yes or no questions

These types of questions are perfect when you need to create a simple questionnaire that will be easy to analyze afterward. Respondents also like them because they are quick.

  • Multiple choice questions

Multiple choice questions are very similar to yes or no questions but they provide several options to choose from. You can go deeper into your customer’s opinion. Remember that for this type of questions, you have to provide a wide range of possible answers but not too many.

  • Open-ended questions

If you would like to collect more specific information and opinions, it is better to choose open-ended questions. For you, these questions will be the most important, but for the customers, they will be definitely the most difficult ones. Here you can ask something specifically for example, what could be improved, ask for suggestions, opinions, and detailed experience of using your products or services.

Benefits of customer survey to your business

1. Evaluation of your success – It is always good to know what makes you stand out in comparison with other companies on the market. It works well for team spirit and motivates your employees to continue their great job.

2. Knowing your target market: Customer satisfaction surveys help businesses of all sizes discover what the public and existing customers think about your business. There are also times when a customer is unhappy and will not say anything just to avoid conflict, but they may never return to your business and could be talking poorly about your business. Customer surveys can help you to know exactly what your customers like and do not like.

4. Determining the areas for improvement: the same way a customer likes the services rendered and tells you is the same way they will let you know the areas you need to upgrade. Most customers’ reviews are always genuine. Even if you believe they are wrong, eliminating the perception of a bad experience from your transactions is a good idea. If a customer believes they had a bad experience, it will negatively affect future sales. Doing a survey gives you the chance to show them that you intend to improve.

4. Helps to identify buying and selling trends; Buying trends may change often, but they can be predictable and they can be sufficiently lasting for you to take advantage of. By asking the right customer survey questions, the information you get might help your business.

5. Get more opportunities to access customer information: Your customers will have a shopping experience, a buying experience, and a customer service experience. If the customer has a positive customer satisfaction survey experience, they will be more likely to give you more information in the future.

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6. Develop business – customer relations.
A survey gives customers a chance to share what they feel and gives them the opportunity to participate in the coming events for the business. They will feel like their opinion really matters and that you are open to new ideas in order to make them happy.

Surveys allow a business to efficiently collect honest feedback, opinions and responses from customers and use that information to improve different areas of the business. Survey responses can confirm or provoke discussions on strategic business decisions and provide unbiased data to guide decision making.

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