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How Long Should You Keep Your Makeup?

Expiration dates for cosmetics explained.

Makeup like food, drink and medicine are perishable and should be thrown away once they have reached their end of life – even if you have plenty still left in its designer container, no matter how painful, there is a time when all makeup should be headed for the bin.

Generally, most people would never eat food that’s gone off, or take medicine past its sell by date. Why would you want to wear makeup that’s beyond its natural shelf life or unbeknownst to you has become contaminated?

It’s good to be aware that contaminated makeup can often have an adverse effect on our skin, giving us spots or unwanted blemishes on our faces. What makeup we wear on our faces is important as our skin is the largest organ of the body and should always be treated with tender, loving care.

Abiding by makeup expiration dates is actually incredibly important. Sample of approximate makeup.

Unfortunately, today some makeup brands do not carry sell by or best used by dates. Whilst we are not informed as to how long these remain safe and usable. Below is the shelf period of makeup.

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