High level UN inspired-SDG meeting kicks off


MOMBASA, 6 June 2019 – The CEO of Crystal Perk, Hannah Adari of Kenya, formally opened the inaugural UN Sustainable Development Goals inspired Mombasa Sustainable Forum at the Pride Inn Hotel Mombasa. Guests , panelists and forum contributors at the colorful and engaging opening forum which included a county government minister and high-level government agencies officials, senior representatives of civil society and non-governmental organizations, academics and business leaders.

Welcoming the diverse guests to the inaugural Mombasa Sustainable Forum themed “Reproductive Health”, Hannah Adari emphasized the need for collective international action alongside local grassroots support  to address the challenges of both men and women reproductive health saying many societies were ill prepared to plan properly. She said that given the challenges, the overall theme of the forum namely “Sustainable Development Goals” was fitting and timely.

Addressing the room which was full to capacity during the forum, Sylvia Chidodo – Kwale CECM, Public Service and Administration said: “We the citizens of Kenya should take advantage of the Kenyan Constitution. The program based budget that is in the country is based on the needs of the community. We therefore have a better chance for  #ReproductiveHealth in the country right now than ever before. The Mombasa Sustainable Forum and many other such events will be an eye opener for many (disadvantaged or not) to see the opportunities that are available in the country and make use of them. No one here needs convincing that sustainable development  and especially in Reproductive Health is the key issue of the moment. How do we overcome the challenges and maximize the opportunities? If we don’t innovate and if we continue business as usual we will have little hope of progress.”

Collaboration and support at the grassroots is what will make our women and men meet our #SDGs #ReproductiveHealth –

Jenny Nuccio – Imani Collective

Part of the panelists included the multi sector, multi experienced experts which included Sylvia Chidodo – Kwale CECM, Public Service & Adminstration, Sheila Muthee – Muthee and Soni Advocates – Partner), Maureen Magak – Lend A Voice Africa, Human Rights Activist, James Atito – Stretchers Youth Organisation (Reproductive Health Rights Advocate) Jenny Nuccio – Founder & Director at Imani Collective, Steven Ndambuki (communication and advocacy officer) National council for population & development among other representatives from Kenya National Human Rights Commission, FIDA Kenya, Kenyatta University and many others.


It is important to sensitize the population of the gender rights, which are important for all to ensure we have a healthy community. There is need to improve women gender rights, but it is also important to clearly illustrate that reproductive health is for all men and women. It is a constitutional right –

Sheila Muthee – Muthee and Soni Advocates – Partner)


The UN Sustainable Development Goals inspired Mombasa Sustainable Forum will adopt global norms and policies that will form a bridge between the gap of technical policy and how it is communicated to the populace at the grassroots level. The forum uses the backdrop of Mombasa Adventure Magazine – thought leadership magazine exclusively connecting decision makers to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas to share the knowledge. The inaugural forum was one in a series of 10 that will tackle various themes affecting socio-economic, political and cultural development and sustainability.

Madam Adari said, “The world is now a well connected network, and there is a growing need to collaborate and partner to build our communities at the grassroots level. We must make sure we turn our words into action to improve the lives of everyone in today’s urbanizing world”. The panel report findings and output will be published by  Crystal Perk.

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