Hazina Accelerator Cohort 1 Pitch Event

At CrystalPerk, we have taken special dedication to the development of learning through our regular training that are run under the CrystalPerk Learning platform and alongside the Make A Difference community projects, we are committed to offering the most effective training to our communities.
This past Friday, Hannah Adari – Partner at CrystalPerk represented our team in the inaugural Hazina Accelerator pitching event held at a Royal Court Hotel as a judge in the 3 man panel of judges. The finalist had participated in Entrepreneurship training over the past two months and needed to have access to the prize money if successful. This event was streamed live via the Facebook handles to demonstrate the level of hard work that had gone into the process.
From the initial 4 entrepreneurs who had successfully made it to the finalist stage,  2 couldn’t make it due to unavoidable circumstances.
However those who managed to pitch and are moving on to the next stages included:
  • Delta Tech Enterprises represented by Mati Odo Kode
  • Minat Bakeryy represented by Amina Khalid
Mati of Delta Tech who trains the youth on how to use technology to create job opportunities demonstrated how he utilises technology in Tana Delta to address unemployment and raise capital for the  youth in his area. His pitch if successful will be  looking at growing his operations and soon to be expanding into other regions of the Tana Delta.
Amina, has always been determined to use her skills as a means of business opportunity and a means of empowering women through training on how to bake cakes that are unique and healthier in consumption. She demonstrated to the judges how she has turned her passion for baking to business.
The two did well in their panel presentation and are now moving on towards the next level to secure seed capital of up to Ksh 300,000. The judges scores add up to the overall challenge as the entrepreneurs now move to the next stage of engaging the investors and due diligence process.

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