Crystal Perk Mombasa is pioneer of multi-platform magazine publisher-led, paid for video courses. Its first series, Mombasa Sustainability Forum; Reproductive Health Course, launched in 2019 and will be followed by further releases in 2020 and beyond.

The courses bring the knowledge and skills of our editorial teams and experts in the field together to create high-value, instructional videos that our audience can buy and enjoy in their own homes, on the move and at their convenience. The videos have been created with leading subject professionals and tried and tested filmmakers, to guarantee high levels of satisfaction for our customers.

We work closely with industry partners to promote the courses beyond our own audiences on a generous 50:50 affiliate basis. So if you talk to thousands of people in our subject areas regularly and would like to offer these high value courses and earn substantial commission, then do contact us.

We are also interested to hear from potential content providers for our next rounds of courses. If you have any ideas for high value video courses to suit any of our markets, please get in to touch.

To find out more, please contact Diana Mwaniki via the mail advertising(at)msamag(dot)com.

Emerging Speakers is our community for speaker related learning and personal development. It is made up of speakers, entrepreneurs and professionals. We are incredibly proud of our supportive, heart-centered community who share a common goal of discovering and sharing their personal stories.

In this masterclass, you will learn what it takes to craft a powerful speech that connects with the entire room, an impactful keynote that will get you hired to speak or a viral worthy masterpiece that can garner you millions of views. Whether you want to be the next viral sensation and have your video viewed by millions, become a paid speaker, take centre stage at our events or simply craft your perfect talk and connect with like minded people, our training is for you.

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Bring CrystalPerk Mombasa’s approach to public speaking to your workforce.

Our Masterclass is a course that teaches learners how to identify, develop and communicate ideas so they make an impact.

Build essential communication skills.

  • Establishing a connection so that others will listen.
  • Incorporating authentic storytelling into presentations.
  • Explaining complex ideas so they are accessible to all.

Use the power of CrystalPerk Mombasa to excite learning.

  • Works with any Learning Management System.
  • Designed for individual, partner or group learning.
  • Includes ways for learners to come together to celebrate their ideas.

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How CrystalPerk Mombasa’s Masterclass works in Schools

Professional learning leaders, the community of educators you serve is overflowing with brilliant, innovative, and — in all likelihood — extremely under-circulated ideas. CrystalPerk Mombasa Masterclass for Organizations is a professional learning program that will help you surface and celebrate the best ideas within your school, network or educational organization.

Once you are enrolled, you’ll be able to…
Distribute the CrystalPerk Mombasa Masterclass course which will guide you and your colleagues through the process of developing a captivating Talk.
Access the CrystalPerk Mombasa Masterclass Community

Glean insights and advice from CrystalPerk Mombasa Masterclass staff and a network of professional learning leaders by attending CrystalPerk Mombasa Masterclass’s office hours. These informative sessions are hosted over video conference.

Attend select CrystalPerk Mombasa events

Throughout the year, CrystalPerk Mombasa Masterclass invites the most compelling speakers discovered through our Masterclass to reprise their talks live in CrystalPerk Mombasa Events . You’re invited to attend in person or online.

Share advice from CrystalPerk Mombasa speakers

TED’s world class speaker coaches will regularly collect and share public speaking tips from you and your educators’ favorite CrystalPerk Mombasa speakers.

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