How Can Culture influence the start of your Business?

Since Historic times, coastal Kenya has been a front-runner in the race for export of spices. This is as a result of the years of interculture between the Africans, Arabs and Indians who would use the Indian Ocean as their trading routes. Then when the Europeans came such as Vasco Da Gama, the spice business was exported to the west. Swahili Spice  is the proud supplier and exporter of Kenyan Coast spices. Having just started during the corona period, Harold Otieno is building a business not just for export but also for posterity, one that will be passed down generations to another.

A typical evening at the coast must be an indulgence of the Viazi Karai, Samaki wa Kupaka, Biriani among many others, and all these are sumptuously taken alongside hot chilli. For the Mombasa community, a baraza, a walk to the Viazi Joints or restaurants is a normal occurence but not so for the visitors of the Coast. Thats where Swahili Spice comes in. A mix of cultural spices with a business so robust for the people. Soon to be a leading name in Spices exporters in Kenya, Swahili Spice is setting the benchmark for quality and efficiency in the spices business. Spices in Kenya, being a specialty, we are able to provide with whole, ground and organic spices along with a wide range of oil seeds, bird feed, curry powders, rice, herbs, sesame seeds, dehydrated onions and garlic and many more taste tingling varieties in Coastal spices.

A stalwart among ground spices exporters and whole spices exporters, SME has specialization in manufacturing spices in Kenya. Along with manufacture of spice, Harold insists on using raw material from local farmers and mostly from the same community who enjoy the spices, he also excels in procurement and supply of other spices variety, which adds to the versatility of our range of offerings. With our base located in the commercial capital of Mombasa, we are in easy reach and are able to cut down on the transportation time, being able to serve our clients at a quicker pace. More about Swahili Spice is on the video.


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