BRAND VOICE | Paid Program

CrystalPerk Mombasa Magazine’s BrandVoice BV is a space for businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations from and serving underrepresented groups to share stories and expertise with the audience via the BrandVoice content marketing platform.

Mombasa Magazine on BrandVoice works in part with the CrystalPerk team to identify and promote content marketing from select businesses. It is part of CrystalPerk’s Stawisha Biashara Account and practice, supporting and amplifying CrystalPerk’s commitment to representation, inclusion and access to marketing for SMEs in the region. SMEs usually do not have a marketing budget and as a result of conflicting needs in the firm, they are usually outcompeted in the market not due to unwillingness but due to lack of access. If you would like to recommend an SME dedicated to serving underrepresent groups from participating in a future flight of Mombasa Magazine on BrandVoice, please submit your information to us.

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