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Brand Visibility in the FMCG Sector

Fast-moving consumer goods are one of the most significant sectors in the current economic market. It is the sector that is more resistant to the economic crisis, this was proved by the current pandemic situation. Nevertheless, brand visibility in this sector can be really important.

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Products in this sector are the first moving ones, the nondurable, and the bare necessities. At first, it may seem that the FMCG sector does not need such a large visibility increase. However, it is best to have the presence of advertising campaigns because of the great competition among brands. The FMCG industry is one of the most demanding when it comes to marketing activities. The equality of the products is determined by many factors. The FMCG sector is also an industry in which competition is fierce. That is why particular brands should do everything to be perceived by customers as important and visible.

Due to high competition and specific shopping paths in this industry, the effectiveness of marketing is mainly determined by the selection of appropriate marketing tools. Making a brand visible can be done using video campaigns, adverts on social media, blog posts, and many others.

Relating to the pandemic and the feeling of uncertainty, in 2020 a large number of FMCG companies reduced their promotional efforts for products they were unable to deliver to consumers quickly enough to meet their demand. Companies invested in distribution infrastructure, especially e-commerce operations and partnerships.

This trend has changed and now a lot of FMCG companies are investing in brand visibility marketing and advertising. The report ‘Business Intelligence – FMCG Food and Drink’ forecasts that FMCG brands will increase their advertising expenditure in digital channels by 7% annually until 2023.

Many factors can determine the success of brand visibility campaigns;

  1. Select a target group; campaigns with no target audiences can fail easily. Choosing a particular target group is essential; the campaign should not target everyone, even in the FMCG industry. The internet is now a wide space that includes the public and the private space, it is important for your company to take both factors into account when selecting your target group.
  2. The right place to advertise; your brand does not need to advertise in every space on the internet but in a particular area that suits the products and services being provided. Use the advertising place that relates to your target market and the goals of your brand visibility campaign. For example, if your target group is the youth, campaigning on Instagram and Facebook will be more advantageous to you unlike on LinkedIn and  Sometimes it is more important to write blog posts.
  3. As the business owner, you should remember the budget. Every budget should be spent effectively for video and ads campaigns if at all that is what it was planned for. Effectively in this context means maximizing the number of completed views in a given budget.
  4. Tracking your campaign progress and results; It is the tracking of the results that can help you, the owner of the campaign understand the data and check if the campaign was effective. Measuring these indicators and selecting effective partners is essential.

The important advantages of brand visibility campaigns in this sector;

Firstly, the visibility of the brand is higher, so consumers are more involved and interested in purchasing products. What is more, brand visibility builds brand equity.

The campaign also helps your FMCG Company in keeping the brand at the top of the audience and also potential consumers, it increases consumer loyalty which is very important in the sector. Brand visibility campaigns boost the sales which are related to income by increasing the word of mouth marketing.

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In the FMCG industry customer awareness of a brand is important when choosing a product. This is due to a large number of competitors in product categories, as well as the speed of decision-making at the store shelf. That is why it is so important in this industry to conduct brand visibility research and build its position.

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