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Binita Shah-Patel, a former banker would not have thought that one day her love for travel and new experiences would turn into a full time career. Originally from Mombasa and a regular visitor too, her over 10 years working in the bank did not stop her from opting out to pursue a line that many would consider a huge risk, a wrong choice or just a way of life not worth venturing into. That is exactly what Binita aka Binny did.

She now runs full time, the blog Binny’s Food and Travel while based in the UK. As a successful blogger, she has clocked many miles in various continents to tell the story that only few would have known about. She has won many awards as her blog is becoming an engaging platform to showcase the best in Wildlife and Tourist attractions, Hotel and Restaurant reviews, various food sampling and amazing destinations.
The mix of culture, the love of people and the easy mingling in the coastal town of Mombasa even from an earlier age, made it easier for her to carry on the story telling from the coast to the world. In her words, she describes her blog as a chronicle of her experience and just pretty much the experiences of other travelers in these places. “I lived in Mombasa for 16 years, but I still do come every years as my husband’s family still stays in Kizingo and while her parents have now moved to Nairobi,” Binny says. “So we come regularly to visit both Nairobi and Mombasa”. In her recent visit, she captured her Stroll in Mombasa in the beautiful streets of Old Town that still hold sway to the authentic history of the old Swahili lifestyle.

For Binny, blogging and work may be intertwined but she insists she is living the best of her life’s dream. She sees her life choice as a big risk which is altogether worth it. And for anyone aspiring to take this line, her advice is simple. “Always go with and trust your gut feeling. Surround yourself with people who are already working in your aspiring career situations through networking and learn from them. Learn to ask for help. Don’t get stuck in your mind, and do plenty of research of how you can navigate the potential ups and downs that come your way. It’s one thing to have a great idea; it’s another to do the work”.

And to sum it up, Binny’s final remarks for anyone in this line is, “Ensure that you have a buffer of cash saved to tide you on rainy days to help minimize the risks”.
To keep her engagement relevant, Mrs. Shah-Patel has partnered with Women in Travel for a number of workshops coming soon. Additionally, she is working closely with Four Paws and Born Free to highlight the benefits of wildlife sustainable tourism.

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