8 Ways To Appreciate Your Customers During This Festive Season

Customer appreciation is an important aspect of running a business. The Holiday season provides the perfect opportunity to show your customers how much you value them. A small and meaningful gesture in the coming weeks not only boosts your customer retention but also provides a highly effective boost to your marketing efforts.

No matter the size or type of business, it’s good practice to let your customers know you appreciate them. This customer appreciation drives loyalty and loyalty drives business. Holidays are a time of giving and everyone loves receiving gifts.

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However, when you are a small business owner operating on a budget, the benefits of meaningful gestures must be carefully planned according to your budget and financial status. Luckily, there are many cost-effective ways you can show this appreciation.


1.  Personalised holiday greeting cards

Consider sending a hand-written Holiday greeting card to your customers and have your team members sign the card. This thoughtful and hands-on gesture is one your customers will remember.  These are particularly well suited for businesses that have a lot of direct contact with customers. Greeting cards are a great way of getting in touch and maintaining a pre-existing relationship. Consider getting custom printed cards that have a personal touch but still reflect your brand.

2. Offer discounts

Many businesses view sales in a common way, they view them as something that should be offered only on specific days for example Black Friday, Boxing day, launching of new products, etc. The Holidays are a perfect time to deploy discounts and deals. Customers have money to spend each holiday season, and tempting them with a discount or deal will also come in the favor of your business. You can hold “appreciation holiday sales for customers “for your entire client base or even just a select few of your loyal followers to receive a discount code through email, for example.

3. Offer delivery options

Despite our best hopes, the pandemic continues to remain across the country. Many customers are not comfortable shopping in person yet and businesses that make an effort to cater to them are reaping the rewards. You can examine how your business can offer a delivery service, or take this opportunity to offer products online through your website. Making your business as accessible as possible not only shows your customers you care; it also serves to widen your sales target.

4. Be inclusive

The Holidays are more than just Christmas, not all of your customers celebrate the occasion. In your Holiday marketing remember to be inclusive of all of your customers, sticking to broad terms like “Happy Holidays” in your marketing guarantee. This simple, inclusive gesture will show all your customers they are welcome at your business. If you have customers who you specifically know celebrate other holidays, they will appreciate your acknowledgment if you remember them also.

5. Start thanking them in person

Communicate your appreciation face-to-face if you have the opportunity to see your clients this holiday season. This is the best way to show them that you care about them and their presence in your business. Face-to-face conversations can be a great way to show your thoughtfulness with clients, as well as your interest in forging a stronger professional relationship.

6. Host an event

Consider an office holiday party where clients can get to know your team better in a more relaxed environment. Just make sure the environment isn’t too relaxed. Give your employees a brief of what to expect from them during the event and let everyone know it’s important to be on their best professional behaviour. On the other hand, these parties should be fun, so it is important employees keep it casual and avoid pitching sales. Have the event either during your regular open hours or after hours. Offer drinks, food, discounts, gifts, coupons, etc. This can be a great way to interact with your customers in a fun setting.

7. Giveaways and branded products

If you’re an e-commerce business, it’s easy to package a small bonus with anything shipped out during the holiday season. Branded products are another way to use physical items to show appreciation. Try to think of products that have actual use but are still relevant to your business. When a customer receives a branded cup of t-shirts, they will appreciate the gift and it will also remind them that your brand exists.

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8. Make a social post

Remember your clients are also on social media platforms. A simple “Thank you for your support over the past year” will let customers know that you value the role they play in helping to strengthen your business.

Consider giving your clients the gift of appreciation during the holidays, you might just find yourself receiving the gift of new business in the New Year.

Mombasa, Kenya.

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