8 Tips On How To Market To The Millennials

The dynamics of business have a significant change in terms of who the businesses are selling to. The market share is highly concentrated with Millennials. Millennials currently receive the lion’s share of business attention because they tend to spend their money on education, clothing, food, services, socializing, transport, purchasing food away from home, and groceries.

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Millennials are now reaching their prime spending years, and their impact on the economy and on the retail landscape is going to be huge. Even if they haven’t reached their full purchasing power yet, millennials are one of the generations that make their own money.

Selling to this generation does not seem as easy as it may sound, businesses need to pay much attention to how they market their brand and how to capture the attention of this unique generation a typical trait of the millennial generation is that they are quite unique when it comes to integrating personal values with their shopping behaviors. Millennials are usually tech-savvy they have been brought up in a modern, constantly evolving digital age and are known for being comfortable with technology.  They are likely to switch brands, and they also use devices most time.

How to market to millennials.

Marketing to millennials requires the right tools, a data-first approach, and a high level of understanding of millennials’ unique needs, interests, and pain points.

  1. Create authentic content.

Millennials spend most of their time online, they like content-driven media, this generation like to explore blogs, websites, and social media, and when they find something interesting they share, pin, tag, forward, and comment on what feels authentic to them. Authencity is what makes millennials decide on which brands to support. For brands that want to be successful, they need to speak millennials’ language. Capture the millennial generation by giving them something to get behind and refuse to sound too stuffy and inauthentic, don’t sound too corporate.

  1. Use Mobile marketing.

Millennials are online nearly twice as much as any other generation. It’s easy enough to see how. They spend most of any given day with their eyes glued to their phone screen. Moreover, they spend nearly an hour a day on the Facebook app, which is why the social media giant can account for 78% of its revenue in mobile ads.

Eighty percent of Twitter’s users are mobile. Instagram, Tik Tok, and Snapchat are exclusively mobile. That’s a whole lot of marketing potential. When marketing to millennials on a mobile platform, you need to tell a story. Engage your audience with entertainment and you’ll draw them in rather than getting swiped past without a second thought.

  1. Build relations

Build relationships with your audience in order to earn their trust along the way, millennials prioritize life happiness and experience over material and possession, they are the kind of people that will always come back and purchase simply because they received good customer service. One more thing: Be sure to walk like them and talk like them. Speaking to a millennial as one of their peers helps to establish the trust that is essential to cultivating a relationship with your brand.

  1. Be informative with inbound marketing.

Millennials like businesses that are dedicated to improving their customers’ lives with informative content, they prefer eBooks, blog posts, videos, and other how-to information and that’s inbound marketing. People want helpful guidance, and when your company takes the time to provide that, they appreciate it and respect what you stand for.

  1. Collaborate with influencers.

Collaborating with social media influencers and models to display your products is also crucial in letting your customers know that you are not just about the sales, but committed to building a community, too. Millennials also get excited when a brand is associated with a person they like or associate themselves with.

  1. Create user-generated content.

User-generated content is a post created by a customer about your products or services. While not produced by your team, this type of content may come in the form of images, videos, or audio and can speak volumes about your brand’s story. Millennials are interested in having a say and becoming product co-creators. Try and repost your customers’ videos or pictures of them using your product, this helps to show that you care about them and it’s the more they will stay loyal to your brand, this generation also gets excited when they participate in activities engaging your product.

  1. Build customer loyalty programs.

Millennials are a discount-loving generation. In fact, almost 80% of them are influenced by price when they shop. So, when marketing to them, come up with sales, promotions, and member-only sales that will reward them for remaining loyal to your brand. Giving them exclusive perks will encourage them to stay with you, as your business continues to deliver good products or services without breaking the bank.

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Millennial consumers grew up with many different kinds of marketing media: TV commercials, billboard ads, stop ads, radio ads, and the most popular today, online marketing. However, with a dash of creativity and marketing flexibility, you could end up with a rewarding business experience with your most valued customers – the millennials.

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