7 Tips to Refresh Your Brand without Completely Rebranding

Whether a business is updating its marketing strategy or simply trying to keep up with the modern trends, there is no need to completely rebrand your small business to make a new first impression on users. Sometimes small changes can impact your brand in a big way. The best thing about making small design changes is that even with an updated look; users will still identify and connect with your brand. They will understand that you want to stay modern in the process.

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The way that you present your brand to the public can determine the success of your marketing. If you are looking at the data and you feel your current branding efforts are holding you back, don’t reset the whole brand data. Here are a few suggestions for ways to refresh your brand without completely rebranding;

1. Communicate changes with your audience

If you have been very active in communicating with your audience and customers on your business journey, a small or large rebrand will not discourage them from following your mission on the contrary they will stand excited and supportive. Your brand relationship with your audience and customer will allow changes to be made easily. Most companies are resistant to rebranding due to the level of connectivity they created with their clients.

2. Launch a new campaign

You can easily give your branding a fresh look without making huge changes, do this with new campaigns. There are a few ways to approach this; you should start with an idea that demonstrates your greatest values as an organization. Remember, public relations is about building relationships and creatively giving people things to share. Your campaign should entail every detail concerning the refreshing of the brand and the new look that your target audience should expect.

3. Update your messaging

One of the most important components of a brand is messaging. These are the statements that express what the company stands for and what value you bring to the market. You don’t need to completely change messaging, but it is important to look at your tagline, value statements, and communications to the market and identify if small adjustments can be made to better represent your brand.

4. Update your online visuals

Review your existing social media and website images and leverage new images that better represent your business today. You may want to highlight new services, new team members, or showcase examples of your recent work, place an updated logo design but not far different from the current one. By changing messaging, updating visuals both digital and physical, creating consistent marketing pieces, and utilizing new ways to promote your brand, you can establish a fresh look for your customers and prospects.

5. Audit your existing content to enhance your brand voice

A complete rebrand can be costly. Strengthen your brand without the commitment of a complete repair by enhancing your brand’s voice. The key to success is a distinguishing voice that is consistent in all aspects of your brand. This change will require an audit of your content and communications channels to ensure your new brand voice is positioned to connect with your external audiences.

6. Add a new marketing element or channel

When you feel that your brand needs refreshing, try adding something new to your marketing. For example, if you only have corporate LinkedIn and Twitter add Instagram and YouTube. Or slightly change the direction of your video content strategy by doing something you’ve never done before. Customers’ tastes are full of life and unpredictable never be afraid to experiment.

7. Find ways to connect to new markets

A brand grows old with its target market. Brands find themselves stagnant because they have failed to remain relevant and evolve into new generations of consumers. Brands need to remember that equity is based on the perception of their target market. If a brand does good work and understands and evolves with its consumers, it will remain relevant and fresh without the need to rebrand.

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Before you decide to rebrand, make a serious effort to refresh your brand from within. Review your messaging and authenticity and be sure all of your branding activities have continuity. Look for marketing trends and shifts in customer needs and competitive branding that you can use to renew your existing brand.

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