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5 ways your Business Can Ensure to get Positive Customer Reviews

Every business has customers, so every business needs to collect feedback from those customers. Researching into your data and analytics will get you far, but to really understand your customers’ needs and behaviour, you need to gather feedback. Collecting customer feedback is a great way to gain qualitative and quantitative information on your products, customer service, and how well your business is fulfilling customer needs. It tells you whether you’re doing right and wrong from the users.

The importance of feedback and reviews in your business include;

Positive feedback can be a boost for employees and can be used in the identification of plans. It can be used in case of studies, to enter awards, and to provide customer testimonials. Feedback can inform future campaigns or product development for your business.

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Negative feedback will identify any problems that your customers may not have mentioned. Resolving these issues will potentially stop them from leaving in the future. The knowledge obtained through collecting feedback can improve every aspect of your business. It can cover product development, sales strategy, marketing activities, and customer service.

So, what’s an effective way to gather customer feedback? Here are five ways to encourage your customers to provide feedback.

1. Make it personal

If you happen to have customers who gave you their email willingly, reach out to them. Always try and create a positive relationship with the customer. Where appropriate, reach out directly. If you have a customer success or account team that deals regularly with a client, get them to request feedback on a call or via email.

2. Encourage your customers with incentives

Offering incentives to your customer is a great way one can get positive reviews. The benefit of the incentive will be seen if it is something that your customers would appreciate. Discounts or exclusive deals work well. The presence of incentives gives the customer and even your staff to get feedback for your business. It boosts the number of customers willing to give feedback.

3. Social media interactions and campaigns

Many businesses rely on social media to market and advertise themselves. As a business owner, social media for marketing requires little effort. Learn to utilize social media as a communication tool between your business and the customer. Develop a strong social media presence. This will help you stay close to your consumer and help establish a great customer-business relationship.

As for the campaigns, you can ask your followers to show off how they use your product. Have them tag the post with a relevant hashtag. Their post will serve as a piece of positive feedback that can even attract more customers to your product.

4. Respond positively

Have a look through the reviews that you have received. Pay attention to all the reviews from your customers. Not all feedback will be positive; every business will encounter a few displeased customers. If you want to receive positive feedback, lead the example by responding positively.  Acknowledging the bad experience from the customer’s point of view is courageous. It will give you a chance to hear out the drawbacks of your business and in the end correct any possible.

5. Ask for feedback at the right time.

When going about to encourage your customers for feedback, you have to know when to ask. There is no point to ask for feedback when the customer has not yet used your product. When inviting a customer to offer feedback, make it as easy as possible for them.  A great opportunity to gather feedback is when a customer is already engaging with your business. When they have already received a service, information, or purchased from you. So, they may feel more open to giving back to your business through a review and rating.

Here are a few key points that an entrepreneur needs to know;

Acting on any feedback gathered is essential. You cannot gain value from it if you don’t act upon the issue. Always promote positive feedback through social media, case studies, and awards.

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Constantly test and refine your approach to boost your feedback rates. A feedback strategy that suits another company might not work well with you. Frequently develop, test, and refine your approach to boost your feedback rates.

In conclusion, an interaction with a customer needs to be important. Show your customers you care, it will not be hard for them to give you feedbacks willingly when requested.

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