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Why Small Businesses are Hiring and set to Push for Growth


Small businesses are in a transitional phase, every sector is trying to fit perfectly in order to provide quality and quantity goods and services to the market. This goes all the way to the structural make-up of the organization. By having the right personnel, that can be able to push for more productivity, their markets will be fully satisfied. For any business, hiring the right people is critical. But for smaller businesses, it can be particularly challenging to attract top talent when enterprise companies are competing for the same pool.

Here’s the silver lining: small business hiring can offer serious competitive advantages – if you know how to leverage them. You have tons of perks to offer that candidates won’t find anywhere else. Here are a few ways to put your advantages to work that will necessitate growth.

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1.Bigger individual impact – Show off how much their contribution will matter.

While being part of a large company can be exciting, it’s hard to look at a business outcome and say, “Yes, I did that.” In small companies, employees can easily identify their personal impact. This is a point of pride for many and a significant advantage you can tout when talking to prospective candidates. If your small business has a strong mission, use it to entice employees, no matter what you do. Company missions that go beyond selling a product or service resonate with candidates and give employees a sense of pride in their work.

  1. Compensation isn’t everything – There are other benefits only you can offer.

It’s no surprise that compensation ranks highest on the list of priorities for employees. This can be worrying when you’re a small organization that doesn’t have the same resources as a multinational brand. The good news: while pay and benefits do matter, they matter significantly less to small business employees than they do to enterprise staff. Sixty-six percent of enterprise employees ranked pay and benefits a top driver, compared to 59% of small business employees.

  1. Good management counts – Highlight opportunities for growth.

Larger companies can offer a level of job security and a clear career trajectory that can be tough for smaller organizations to match. Luckily, small business employees tend to value those things less and for them, great management is key. A smaller organization gives everyone a chance to be heard. It also allows employees to step into leadership roles more easily. They’ll have more opportunities to prove themselves, making them more engaged in their work.

  1. Unique company culture – You have room to excite and experiment.

When it comes to company culture, small businesses have a leg up on the competition. While big companies can often feel stiff or hierarchical, small businesses have room to experiment and create a one-of-a-kind environment.

Team-building activities like a book club or beach vacays are easier to organize with smaller teams and offer more opportunities to build meaningful connections. These experiences can be as enticing to candidates as corporate retreats.

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Small businesses also tend to have a more hands-on, do-it-yourself culture. This can appeal to candidates who are self-motivated and eager to learn across skill sets.

Working in any organization opens up avenues for many learning experiences. SMEs stand apart from their larger counterparts because of their ability to help employees grow in a manner, which is unique and distinct from the kind of growth possible in companies that have a thousand or more employees.

Mombasa, Kenya.

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