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Mombasa Magazine Weekly – Download it Now!!!

Did you know there are two sides to Mombasa? There’s the thrilling, adventurous and holiday-filled city with an active biggest port in Eastern Africa (dubbed “the gateway to Africa”). But there’s also a quieter, yet active, business oriented, hardworking, sweat filled, yet suave looking, mean looking and creatively enterprising business people who value the less-worn paths which many would want to avoid but should never overlook. This side of Mombasa means business, innovation and leadership that many know of. This is where you find the story of CrystalPerk Mombasa Weekly. This is the start of regular updates of the heartbeat of Mombasa through the lens of CrystalPerk Mombasa Magazine, the flagship magazine for the Best Management Consultancy in the region. In this weekly, you will learn about the new trends, new business leaders and their take on life and business, quick business tips and more. Welcome on board as you subscribe to our magazine to get the latest updates.

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