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Mombasa Magazine Podcast: Keeping It Kenyan

What is Keeping it Kenyan?
By saying keeping it Kenyan means, “a safe space to speak your truth without judgement. It is a platform to alert each other, friend to friend, family, the community, of the real issues affecting us (as a person, as a community) – listen first then react later”. In a society where hardly to people speak of their vulnerable thoughts, ‘Keeping it Kenyan’ is a release, a moment to share with no judgement but still being as respectful as possible to others.

Kenyans are known  go-getters, the aggressive type – they will go to whatever lengths to be the best. From Wangari Maathai, Eliud Kipchoge, Julius Yego to Khaligraph Jones a.k.a Papa Jones, Peter Tabichi the Science teacher, Barack Obama and more, ‘Keeping it Kenyan’ is the drive, the special kind of determination we bear as Africans when we are young and determined to succeed no matter the challenges we face.

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