spotlight – akae beka nipsey hustle

Livication to Nipsey Hussle and Akae Beka

African Herbsman pays tribute to two of music greats who passed on last year (2019). As he he says, these were his favorite kind of musicians and real conscious people among the populations.

Nipsey Hussle was rapper and activist, one such star who was taken far too. He wo was just 33 years old left behind two children and his longtime girlfriend. During his life, Nipsey devoted his time to completely transforming the neighborhood where he lived, inspiring young people to focus on their education, and building a community of support. As for his rapping career, Nipsey earned posthumous Grammy nominations for his work. He also was an artist and philanthropist.

African Herbsman also pays tribute to a reggae maestro, a music great who passed on this year. Vaughn Benjamin aka Akae Beka aka The voice of Midnite in the 5th episode of “The Spotlight – Mombasa Magazine Podcast”.

Vaughn Benjamin who changed his stage name to Akae Beka whose perspective on Rastafari and life taught loyal fans around the world on the essentials of life and will continue to be an epic example of a life serving JAH and spreading knowledge.

Vaughn and his brother Ron Benjamin created a new meditative genre within roots reggae, rooted in ancient Ethiopian chanting and toured the globe as Midnite for 20 years before Akae Beka.

With one of the largest catalogs we know of, approximately 73 albums as of this writing and many unreleased albums, we are blessed to be able to listen to his deep lyrics and spirituality for the ages, some call his work “Teachings set to captivating roots rhythms.” The gift of his music will continue to teach future generations.

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