How to apply for jobs in 2020

Competition amongst job seekers is at its peak, here are tips no how to get ahead of the competition this year


  • The economy is struggling and it will take more than a good CV and skills to get your dream job
  • The skills you need for the job are acquired from job shadows, internships, some attachments and mostly volunteering.

Amid mass layoffs last year and the ever rising unemployment in the country, getting any employment opportunity and the ability of keeping is difficult. Many companies are choosing to outsource or simply downsize just to keep afloat. While this happens, more universities are giving ‘the power to read’ to more fresh graduates who need a little more preparation to get their breaks. Although the economy is still struggling, it is important to know as a job seeker that  it will take just  more than a good CV or training to get your dream job. Competition amongst job seekers is at its peak, with almost every job seeker lately having a Masters, an Undergraduate Degree, fewer degrees but more professional courses. Word on the street has it that those on employment are looking for more certifications, while those looking for work are looking even harder.

But all hope is not lost, if you are looking for a job. Or maybe you are simply looking for greener pastures. From experience, your resume may be your first stop, then thereafter, the job interview, the preparations may follow next. But before you even do all that, there is a lot more that is of importance to you than just the resume. What are recruiters looking for in this decade? Skills, reliability and a good reference. These two will set you apart. No employer wants to train in this decade, you need to enter the workforce ready to deliver. But how will you do that, if you are fresh graduate you may ask? Then comes references. You need quality and reliable references to set you apart. Your referees will set you apart to the 1% if you get quality ones. Don’t just sneak in someone’s name on that list, it may be your rise or fall.

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