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Great Place to Work: Crystal Perk Training Program

Being small in size in no reason why one can not fight big fights. And that is Crystal Perk is good at. David vs Goliath, Mohamad Ali vs George Foreman and one of our favorites Richard Branson vs British Airways. At Crystal Perk we harness the smallest great minds to turn them into the next biggest ideas and business giants. That’s why we take in volunteers; people with a drive that no obstacle can stop them from their destinations. We select some of the most prolific and ingenious creative minds, including with a wide variety of backgrounds, skills and expertise to ensure that the ultimate life goals are achieved.

We are consistently hosting talent and drive that our customers are always recommending our products. Our volunteer program is now the talk of the town. See some of their highlights below!

On finding your identity as a creator

To be creative is to be human. Being creative is part of being human, but the challenge is finding your own way to channel it into your work. Your way of making it productive.

Do you remember that famous advertisement: Power is nothing without control? Yes, creativity is nothing without identity. Your identity channels out the correct output of your creative juices. Our volunteer program offers just that. Identity!

On making time for personal growth

Good art often comes about spontaneously and organically, so never underestimate the importance of letting your creativity incubate. Our volunteers challenge their limits by making time, the sacrifice to endure and make their own all rounded growth. Our teams, which we fondly call the CPers receive a well-timed reminder to hit their reset button every now and then,

Authenticity is everything

When it comes to creative communications, authenticity is the cornerstone for diversity, creativity, originality and more. Our volunteers, no matter their background, their task or expected growth path have to tap into their authentic story. The more authentic they are. the better their output.

Our training program gives depth, work experience that shapes our teams and their dream jobs.

Our training is your success.

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