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Customer Acquisition 2020 Tips

What’s your top business goal for 2020? If you’re like most B2B and retailers, acquiring more customers faster is a priority. Growth validates your business proposition and secures your future. It also allows you to exert influence in your sector

But growth for growth’s sake can lead to unintended consequences, such as acquiring customers who ultimately have undesirable lifetime value or attrition rates, or who just aren’t that profitable. Without a solid customer acquisition strategy, growth efforts will be futile. True, you’ll get some customers, but you’ll expend a lot of resources to reap disappointing rewards. For this reason, we share some two important customer acquisition strategies.

Target the Right Person

Are you among the many businesses that want to sell as long as someone is willing to buy? This is not a good strategy. Who is the right person to target: knowing who to target, and with which message is essential. At Crystal Perk, we believe that not only is research great, but also meeting the right customer in the right marketplace makes a sale worth it. Take for example, household purchases. Research shows that most purchasing decisions are made by women, even if they are not the actual buyers. For instance, women are responsible for making the purchasing decisions for 91% of new homes; 65% of new cars; 80% of healthcare; and 92% of all vacations.

You may be selling Razors for shaving, that appeal to men, but if you’re not marketing to women, you’re missing a vital audience in the decision making process.

Sell Experiences, Not Products

Which is the worlds most commoditized product? A book? Pen? Lightbulb? In all this, how they are sold to the consumer will demonstrated an experience or not. For a light bulb, you can show that same light bulb in an attractive context, as part of a string of lights on a patio where an evening party was underway. This begs the question: Are you selling a light bulb, or are you selling an experience?

Consumers want to buy experiences. Will buying your product create a perfect Instagram moment? Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands have mastered this tactic. Safaricom doesn’t just sell data bundles, it sells relationships, family and lifestyle. Infusing your brand story with the customer experience is one of the most effective ways to boost customer acquisition.
At Crystal Perk, we use our platforms to infuse the experience in your products and your brands.

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