About Us

Crystal Perk Mombasa is an authoritative business publication that provides thought leadership articles from executives of industry across Africa – only one of its kind in the coast. We are a go-to positive resource for business owners, c-suite executives, entrepreneurs and leaders seeking industry trends and new knowledge.

We also carter to marketers looking to position their brands as leaders in their industry through content marketing. Curious minds looking for information and ideas on sustainability, business growth strategies, leadership, millennials, research findings and relevant thought provoking articles to make more informed decisions.

It is an excellent avenue for business-to-business content marketing outputs. Well researched and in-depth columns that cover a wide spectrum topics with a focus on business growth & leadership.

Our Mission:

“To reflect and celebrate industrial Life in terms of achievements, struggles, failures and successes – in ink, paper, words and pictures as provide inspiring, educative, motivating and entertaining information to our readers”.


  • Content: That is thought provoking, excellent conversation starters that are not available on TV, radio, newspapers or websites.
  • Quality; the articles, design, layout and print are curated to ensure utmost quality is achieved
  • Analysis: On issues affecting business, leadership and social development
  • Articles: Well researched, informative, educational and thought provoking
  • Authenticity: Each page is well thought through to express the creativity of both copywriter and designers.
  • Communication: The articles are an aid to communication
  • Reference: To Keep as a reference document
  • Leadership: The articles inspire and empower the readers to take up leadership roles in both their lives and businesses.
  • Honesty; Articles honestly share problems and achievements of people
  • Conversation starters; readers like the magazine because it is thought provoking can easily start a constructive debate amongst intellectuals.


  • Full colour display advertising on art paper
  • Classified advertising
  • Sampling products as an insert in the magazine
  • Loose inserts inside the magazine in a preferred position
  • Running sponsored competitions
  • Branding of page and running related features
  • Sponsoring popular columns to win readers’ loyalty
  • Website banner advertising
  • Sponsored native content on the website
  • Forum topic adverts on social media
  • Social media competitions

We hope an encounter with our magazine will positively impact your life.