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7 Ways to Upscale Your Business

Every business starts with a vision to grow and get bigger; however, scaling up a business brings a multitude of new and unfamiliar considerations. Additional financial obligations, increased delegation, an increasingly complex infrastructure, and demands on your supply chain can all push you outside your comfort zone.

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Setting proper goals is necessary for anyone who’s serious about scaling their business, making more money, producing more products, or achieving any other dream. They need to have SMART goals and there need to be powerful reasons behind why those goals absolutely must be achieved. By creating a plan, taking action, and staying persistent no matter what, you can leverage the following strategies and methods to scale your business.


1.      Make a plan

When you start scaling your business you must have an idea of where you are, where you want to be, and how you will navigate between the two, planning must be both operational and strategic. Having a well-structured thinking process and embarking on a thorough program of planning before scaling your business maximizes the chance of being successful.

2.      Invest in marketing

Marketing is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness, reach more customers, and allows business owners to gain a better insight into their audience and the industry. Clearly defined objectives and integrating traditional and digital marketing can help drive revenues. Today, it is not enough to email customers, but there is a real need to understand different customers and target them with appropriate communications, whether through email marketing or using other digital/traditional channels. Marketing your brand helps you to increase sales hence upscaling your business.

3.      Build a great team of employees

As you scale and grow your business, you’re likely to need more staff. Your relationship with them might not be as close as with previous team members, but everyone must realize the importance of your business values. Consistency and quality are paramount. Create the right culture and an environment where people want to be and want to excel then get out of the way and let them get on with it. All team members must be properly engaged, motivated, recognized, and rewarded.

Having team members that you can rely on and trust to take care of the day-to-day running of the business is also helpful in avoiding those feelings of being overwhelmed and keeping up with the demands when upscaling.

4.      Have a Differentiation.

In order to be able to scale your business successfully, in either existing markets to gain market share, or to branch out into new markets, you must first define your differentiation. In other words, why should people buy from you? Do you have a unique product or service that no one else has? Or do you differentiate yourself by the quality of the relationship and service you provide? This can be difficult to quantify, so engaging with your customers, both satisfied and less satisfied, to understand your relative success in these areas is important.

5.      Understand your strengths as a business

Understanding what your strengths as a business are will help you to exploit the opportunities you have identified. Fully comprehending and mastering your strengths and focusing on them while scaling up, will help to ensure that you can build upon your niche market.

6.      Restructure your customer service approaches.

As you grow your customer base, your customer support, operations, and infrastructure will need to evolve. You’ll have to balance maintaining the personal touch that helped your initial success, with an ability to service a large number of customer orders, queries, and potential complaints. Thorough training is documented and standardized processes and procedures, empowered customer support staff, and an increase in automation for repetitive tasks should all come into play. An online self-service support knowledge base can also help ease the pressure on your growing support team.

  1. Improve Systemization and Processes.

Improving systemization and processes in your business will automatically upscale it. Add systems or equipment that can streamline time or labor-intensive activities. Or, consider outsourcing processes that will slow your growth or remove your focus from the heart of your business. Your staff might need some training to prepare them for growth. You could require contract help, specialist input, or outsourcing of administrative tasks.

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As leaders and decision-makers, for our businesses to survive and grow, it’s important to be prepared when exploring new options and to ensure the necessary foundations are in place first. Once these key principles are in place, your business scaling plan is sure to be successful.

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